Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend I

On Saturday the Meunier mobile arrived at our house, full of Meuniers. We were in for an afternoon of explorations and an evening of food and jazz. And this was all accomplished in typical fashion. The dinner: rigatone pasta with a green crab tomato sauce. The green crabs came from my small crab traps at the oyster grant. Also oysters (raw and fried) and a bunch of other stuff that I now don't remember well. Jazz at the Winny was nice and I ended up staying too late (apologies to everyone).

But the fun started on Sunday morning. Joel and I sped out onto the bay as soon as the tide freed my boat from the slip. We decided to get some mackerel first and so we did. Fifteen boats were all schooled up at some random location outside the bay. We were number 16, and then more arrived. Nothing but a small cod that Joel was lucky enough to dredge up off the bottom (too small to keep). Then we trolled around, hit the mackerel, stopped to reel some in, and in no time the 15 other boats (a quarter mile away) emigrated to our small nation of fishy waters. Then we bolted.

The live lining of the mackerel worked out well, except none of them hooked. Lots of screeming lines, but no landings. While lining the macks, we fed Slug-gos to the rips and this produced some nice ones, including a 34 on my line. We fished well and enjoyed some tackle busting fun, even kept most of the fishing private (away from the others).

The mackerel were immediately placed on my Weber grill by noon and consumed by 12:30. Fantastic.

We had planned to either hit the beach or head out in the boat in the afternoon. But all plans changed as a large thunderstorm hit us from 4:00 til 6:00. Large hail, lightning, winds, amazing rain, all that stuff....it hit us hard and wouldn't stop. It was fun but worrisome: a house on Washington St. was hit by lightning and was burning; large hail dented cars and ripped up gardens, tree limbs down, and flash flooding. Cool stuff.

The power went out in our house for hours and we took that as an opportunity to cook wings and burgers on the grill, drink some wine, and enjoy the candle light. Earlier, the rainbow over Miles Standish was amazing.

Not really a good fishing story at all because I am tired and barely awake. Maybe I'll take another shot at it tomorrow. But next up is Monday and Tuesday (today) when some of the year's best fishing continued. To be continued.

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