Monday, October 5, 2009

Amongst the Waves

The weather is finally changing; then changing back. Tonight I was sucked dry by thousands of mosquitoes that are desperately feeding for their over wintering babies. Some wind, some rain, and some nice sunny days.

I fished a few times over the past week. The first trip was already described briefly (with Joel). Then I did a few more short solo explorations around the bay. Mostly just birds (cormorants with gulls and terns above them) - these are teasers. Then I managed to find some stripers in and along some skinny water marshes. All smallish fish though.

Then Dave Yozzo came up for his typical 24-hour tour of oysters, fishing, music jam, helping me plant a few oysters, and quick food. The fishing was so-so, but he managed to land a few stripers and we had a good time jamming with some friends on Thursday night. I think he enjoyed throwing a few of the final oysters from the upweller overboard.

Yesterday I was late getting out onto the fish. I was bummed: a foggy morning and my friends who came into Mattakessett were telling me of fairly good action out there. Jon McGrath even had a bloody carbuncle on his striper thumb from the dozens he was reportedly landing. I called Jon on my way out of the harbor. "Yes, they're still here...bass and some blues!" "OK, I'll be right out," I responded. But before I could fold my phone the sound of birds drew my attention to the swarm of activity along the shores of the marsh in front of Long Point. I soon arrived, tossed out some small poppers, and had about four good attacks, but no hookups. These fish looked large and I was convinced that they were blues.

But I ran out of time. I had to work. So I did.

Then later that day, about 2:30, on my way back out to work, I stopped by Eagles Nest and had fun there - landed four small bass in about ten minutes. I had to load up the boat with oysters and head in. But for fun, I decided to go back to that marsh at Long Point. Within the moorings - a few casts and a few busting fish. Nothing yet. Then, what must have been my tenth one, slam! It was difficult keeping the fish away from mooring balls, and at one point I had to start the engine to avoid drifting into a moored boat. But then, the fish tired and I landed it. It measured 32 inches. I kept it. I took a few more casts but then realized that this was a lucky bonus and that I should get back to work.

At the boat ramp Gregg Morris and Don Merry greeted me with smiles. And we talked about the nice weather. And we talked about our oysters and how they were growing, and such. And we watched as a poor guy got clocked in the nose with spinning winch (ow!) while trying to load a boat onto a trailer. And after making sure he'd be okay, we dispersed.

At home I ran Pearl Jam through my garage sound system (loud) and cleaned the fish. Then I washed and bagged some oysters. Though the day was ending too soon (getting darkish around 5:00), it was amazing and I was happy to be alive.

...and this...

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