Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On the Way to Saquish

Yesterday looked like this at Matt. Ct.:

That's right, it was blissful, mild, and calm. I spent yesterday at my desk working on some reports and missed the nice break in the weather. But I managed to get down to Matt. Ct. to find Gregg Morris, Scotty Doyle, and Don Merry pull out there boats (and product) in front of the storm we had today. It was really nice....

....compared to today:

But today was also great. After spending most of the day working on reports and data analysis I took off for Duxbury Beach. I head out there often throughout the off-season because that is when you can actually walk and think and see cool things without a soul around. I did see one soul: Billy Bennett. And we joked around as usual about the weather and the bay. Man, I see him every time I head out there. So the walk was cold, windy, and eye-blinding. But I managed to snap a few shots off my new Olympus.

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