Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Grann Day

It has been a pretty long day, mostly on the water. The winds that hit us Monday and Tuesday set most of us back in oyster production so today was catch up time. This morning it was still blowing out of the north at a good clip (15 to 20) so Alex and I grabbed what we could under these conditions, with a coming tide. After some rapid processing on shore, and a couple of deliveries to the shop, we went back out for the remainder of the day - set up the float mooring and grabbed a lot of oysters for tomorrow.

We also listened to tunes (primarily WERS on the seemingly seawater-proof Dewalt boombox) told stories, gabbed a bit about friends and foes, and just took it all in. The wind screeched to a halt at 3:00 and everyone on the bay was able to enjoy it. Lots of sunshine and moderate temps. A good day.

The gulls were about and they seemed to be feeding on something in the water: diving and splashing. We figured they were after a polychaete worm hatch (mini sand worms that swim about to frolic and spawn). Also the razors are getting active on the flats and the gulls like them too. But maybe some smelt or herring are starting to show...probably not, maybe smelt, but anyway, they were onto something.

A change of gears: Last night Brooke informed me that our friend David Grann has published a new book called "The Lost City of Z" and that it has been on the NY Time bestseller list (we now have a copy). It turns out that B. Pitt will be producing and acting in the film adaptation very soon. Pretty cool. David is one of two younger brothers of one of Brooke's best friends, Alison. (Did I compose that last sentence correctly?). We all grew up in adjacent neighborhoods. Anyway, go read the book. I am going to start it tonight and looking forward to it....the story of an exploration for a lost city in Brazil in the 1920s.

But back to the bay: more of the same tomorrow. Then hopefully to frolicking and spawning...why should the worms have all the fun?

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