Friday, March 13, 2009


There are some things that turn up when working on the water. Most of them are crap: bottles, gloves, hats, and the occasional bra. Then there are other things.

But when I find odds and end out there I sometimes wonder who owned them. The Hooters hat, off of some guys head in a burst of SW wind as he tilted his chin back to finish his 6th beer. The gloves that probably drift into the bay from somewhere off shore may have been owned by lobster guys from Maine.

One of my favorite finds while digging steamers was a key chain/bottle opener with a big green beetle inside of it. The story behind that - a mystery.

But some items are of known origin. A couple of months ago, as Alex and I landed at Matt. Court a friend of ours suddenly marched down to us and asked us for a rake: "Hey. You guys have a rake?" Um, no, this time we didn't. The reason? He dropped his phone off the end of the Yacht Club pier. But it wasn't a waterproof phone and the tide was coming, so we kind of shrugged our shoulders and offered the right advice: buy a new phone. But then yesterday Alex found the thing. No one's home.

I'm still waiting for the elusive bale. Or much better, that suitcase full of stacked 100s. Ah yes, that would be nice.

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